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Romantic love strikes virtually everyone at least once and has a great impact on our lives. Romantic love has positive effects on individuals and society as a whole. For example, love is associated with positive emotions such as euphoria and romantic relationships enhance happiness and life satisfaction. The word ‘love’ has many different meanings and may have different meanings to different people.
Love feelings can also be stronger than desired. People may, for example, be in love with someone who does not love them back or who has broken up with them. Clearly, it would be advantageous if we could regulate love feelings at will, so that we could up-regulate them when they are weaker than desired, and down-regulate them when they are stronger than desired.
Love, one of the most central components to human life, is such an amorphous concept that it is nearly impossible for people to completely agrees on what it actually is or means. That is some of the beauty of love, but also some of the reasons we find ourselves confused.
Romantic love reaches out in little ways, showing attention and admiration. Shower your love with Hindi WhatsApp Status Video on Romantic Feelings. Its actions whisper: saying they are the most special person in your life.