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These are just a few of the reasons why a person might need to apologize to their partner. Whatever mistake you made, knowing how to say sorry with sincerity is the first step in working on your relationship and getting things back on track. 
Don't blame your partner for your rude behaviour. Take responsibility for the things that you said and did that were hurtful. Express your gratitude for your partner's patience. 
Choose words that are soft, gentle, and sincere. Use words and phrases that sound like words you would actually use. Don't try to be someone else when you apologize for your blunder. Being fake is the worst way to say sorry! If you are writing a note to say sorry to your wife or husband, put some thought into your writing materials. Instead of writing down a letter, choose a song from our Sweet Sorry WhatsApp Status Video Quotes collection which is far more personal and sincere than a message sent by text or email. 
Our quotes will encourage you to reach out your hand and admit to something you may have done to hurt your partner while asking for their forgiveness. Ask them to forgive you and make an effort to be together again.