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By what means can love be an emotion? Feelings are short lived; they come and go, depending on circumstances, incidents and moods. Love is far beyond that. It is a method for being. It is an existence vitality that streams continually. Love isn't impacted by outside conditions and is characterized by the profundity and spread of your own being. 
Love can be a discipline, an obligation, a drive, a mission, a demonstration of will, a petition or love… In the wrong hands, love can likewise be a device of shakedown. In any case, most importantly, cherish is that additional muscle or appendage which God has offered us to help oversee when all else comes up short. Love encourages us transcend ourselves. The objects of our adoration may change; love stays steady. 
When you genuinely love somebody, it is an acceptance of him or her into your very being. Also, that can work the other path round too – when you genuinely accept somebody, you figure out how to love him or her. Emotions, for example, desire, energy, love, vulnerability, want or longing may back and forth movement – love flows unhindered. 
It is your way of believing and if you hope to make life beautiful and your dream of being together forever a sustainable reality, make it happen with Feel the Love WhatsApp Status Video.